Location and cost

I offer appointments in Bristol and Chepstow 


I offer sessions between 30 mins to 1hr 30 mins, let me know the length you'd like when you book. The prices I charge in Bristol and Chepstow are different due to the different room hire costs.

In Bristol I offer appointments on Thursday afternoons at Contemporary Therapies, 10 Picton St, Bristol, BS6 5QA. These can include hot stones.

Bristol pricelist:

1hr 30 = £60

1 hour = £40

45 mins = £30

30 mins = £20

In Chepstow I offer appointments at Chepstow Yoga Space, 1st Floor, 10 Moor St, Chepstow NP16 5DD. These tend to be on various weekends.

Chepstow pricelist:

1hr 30 = £70

1hr 15 = £60

1 hour = £45

45 mins = £35

At times, I may be able to provide ad hoc sessions outside of these times, or a mobile massage appointment in your own home. Please contact me to discuss.

I also work with charities, providing massage at events and support groups. If you are a representative of a charity, please feel free to get in touch. I'm able to provide onsite chair massage for charities, businesses and organisations. I also offer massage on retreats, most recently in Spain.

In Bristol, there are certain slots where I can offer 1 hour massage appointments at £25 for family carers, people experiencing pregnancy/baby loss and members of certain designated charities who I'm in touch with separately. Please contact me if you want to recommend a charity you feel could benefit from this reduced rate.

Bristol location

 Chepstow location

What to expect

Come as you are, knowing you're welcome

The massage I offer has at it's heart the commitment to meet each person exactly as they are, with the wish that you will be comfortable and feel safe. I believe that it's only when we give ourselves permission for this, that wholeness can radiate through. I encourage you to express what you need, your feedback and voice, it's all welcome, before, during and after the session.

I work in a way that can adapt to meet your needs and how you are feeling on that day. So although most massage takes place on a table, with oil, you're invited to undress only to the level you're comfortable with. If this is fully clothed sitting on a chair, this is fine and more than welcome. I will be undraping only the areas I'm working on and only ever with permission, which we'll discuss in the consultation beforehand.

A bit about the type of massage

I offer holistic massage which considers the needs of the whole person and involves therapeutic touch. It involves a range of techniques to bring movement, stimulation and stillness to muscles, bones, bodily systems and the subtle layers of our humanness. Massage can both stimulate and help the body/systems to rest and will be adapted depending on the person's needs and wishes for the session. The field of research into the benefits of massage is increasingly growing. As well as the direct benefits of muscle loosening or tonifying, we know that massage can help the nervous system to switch into a state of rest and repair which can bring bodily systems into their optimised states. This can have benefits on many levels including physically, emotionally and from my experience, the learning of what a rested state feels like, whilst still being awake. 

The massage I offer has a number of influences and philosophies threading through it, particularly lomi lomi (sacred Hawaiian bodywork) as well as subtle energy work and deep tissue. I may draw on a number of these during a session. I also love to weave in the use of hot stones, and meditations at times, depending on the person's wishes and what might be calling. At the beginning of the session we'll discuss this and talk about what could be the best way to help you to drop in and connect, which will be unique to you. No two massages are the same; they are individually tailored each time.


Each session begins with a consultation which is the first point of connection to help me understand your needs, wishes and some of your history, including medical history. For first sessions the consultation is more in depth and I allow extra time for first appointments to allow us the space to meet in this way.

Cancellation policy

My massage practice has the wish within it that it could sustain and nourish itself. Therefore, once your appointment is confirmed, any cancellations within a 48 hour timeframe, or 'no shows' will be charged at full price, unless you're able to find someone to take your place. Or unless there are very exceptional circumstances. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting our connection and my practice in this way.