Guided meditation with self massage

Meditation inspired by deep rest, touch, nature and kindness, to support connection to the body and beyond.

Live sessions

I offer a live online session every Thursday evening currently, at 8:30pm (UK time). Freely offered, with donations welcome if the heart wishes. All are welcome:



Upcoming dates - 6th, 13th, 20th August

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 781 8750 8364
Password: 4dwQ9L


I also offer one to one support and group sessions. A recent themed group session for a charity was around self soothing through meditation and touch.


Recordings available to download, freely offered, with donations welcome:

Listening through Deep Care - 28.04.20
00:00 / 31:06
Breath - 30.04.20
00:00 / 31:28
Soothe - 19.05.20
00:00 / 29:58
Flow and Clearing - 09.04.20
00:00 / 30:22
Belovedness and Wholeness - a hug and li
00:00 / 33:05
Aloha - Love - 16.07.20
00:00 / 31:31

If you would like to receive a weekly email of a meditation/self massage recording, which includes some brief news and sometimes a poem/photo, feel welcome to sign up here:

"I began to look more closely, not at things but at a world closer to myself, looking from an inner place to one further within, instead of clinging to the movement of sight toward the world outside...I was aware of a radiance emanating from a place I knew nothing about...light was there" ~ Jacques Lusseyran

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