About me

My Philosophy

I'm passionate about creating a safe space where we can invite nourishment and wholeness to be felt. The treatments I offer are given in this spirit; that mind, body, energy and all of the more subtle layers that make us human are in connection, and that holistic massage can reach and move us across all these layers.

The massage I practice is inspired by a love of deep rest meditation, yoga and movement, a fascination in trauma and the body, and a love of being outside feeling ground, trees and the wide open skies above me, with a practice of opening more and more into this wideness of life. It is also inspired by the ancient Hawaiian bodywork of lomi lomi.

I came to holistic massage at a time when I had experienced a particularly difficult time and I needed a way to learn to trust again. There was a longing and need for this trust to be felt not only through words, thoughts and voice, but also through the body. Holistic massage gave me a gateway into this, and helped me to feel this trust in a more palpable bodily way. 


My wish is for this sense of trust, sanctuary and being at home, connected, to come through the way in which I practice massage. 


My Training

I completed a year long holistic massage course through the Massage Training Insititute in 2018, which includes a level 4 qualification in anatomy and physiology. My registration as a Massage Practitioner with MTI requires me to continually grow and develop. The most recent post-qualifying courses I've completed include massage and trauma, chair massage and I am currently undertaking a 6 month course in lomi lomi massage.