Space. Nourishment. Flow.
Bespoke therapeutic treatments inviting space to life

You are warmly welcome here.


Inner Sky Holistic Massage offers massage as a gateway into connection. Connection with ourselves and the patterns and habits our bodies, minds and systems may hold. From muscle tightness to stored emotions. And with the wish to support the connection to our wholeness and goodness. Through therapeutic touch, helping the body to rest into it's own sanctuary; the wide kind space within that can open us into a world of possibilities - our inner sky.


Each massage is bespoke, coming to life through an understanding of the needs and wishes of the person, as well as through intuition, trust, and a firm grounding in anatomy and physiology. I sometimes love to include hot stones and meditation practices. 

You are warmly invited to come along just as you are, to explore ways of opening into space, through the nourishment and power of touch.